• Sativa vs. Indica

    There are three main types of cannabis that have three very different effects on the body. Within these three umbrella categories are numerous plant strains that contain different levels of cannabinoids and THC.

    Sativa - This type of plant originally came from the areas of Colombia, Mexico, Southeast Asia and Thailand. The plant will grow very tall, fast and lanky. The actual leaf is a light green with very thin leaves. When it begins to flower, it will take 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature. When smoked or vaporized the flavors range from earthy, fruity and sweet. The stone of a Sativa is a very energetic cerebral high. These strains are more of a stimulant, effective in appetite stimulation, relieving depression, feeling of optimism and well being, migraines, tiredness, pain, nausea and adding pep to your step. They can also give a slight hallucinogenic effect if taken in large doses.

    Indica - This type of plant originally came from the Tibet, Morocco, and Afghanistan areas. These plants will grow very short, low and dense. The leaf of this plant is very broad with very dark green leaves. When this plant begins to flower, it will mature in 6 to 8 weeks. When smoked or vaporized the flavors range from a strong skunk to very sweet and fruity. This plant is higher in CBD than THC which produces a heavier body stone. These strains are a excellent body relaxer, which is very effective for anxiety, pain, nausea, sleep, insomnia, relaxation and muscle spasms. This strain is the late night choice of many people for an extremely effective and safe sleep aid. This plant produces the coveted "couch-lock" effect.

    Hybrid - This type of plant is a cross breed of the Sativa and Indica plants. There effects, CBD/THC levels and looks all depend on what strains were crossed with one another. But generally speaking, the hybrid plant will possess the qualities of both parent plants to create a very unique experience.

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