• Entering the ethereal atmosphere that is Boulder, Colorado one often looses oneself in the cultural melting pot that lines the streets. Upon further inspection, various dispensaries blend right into the ambiance seamlessly. A particular dispensary stood out among the rest with a character quite unique and almost European in style.

    This place is known as The Greenest Green. The facility itself is very reminiscent of the Amsterdam style smoke shops, where medical marijuana patients can sit at a "bud bar" and pick what fancies them best. Patients can touch, smell and hold sample buds to get a feel for possible purchases. At one point before new regulations passed on July 1st, patients were allowed to consume/use products on site after purchase in a designated area. Even with this minor set back in rules, the place exudes superiority over the competition.

    They carry a large and impressive assortment of goods that can fit any lifestyle and medical need. A excellent collection of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Everything from classics such as Northern Lights to newer strains such as Monkey Bite. The nugs are the BIGGEST I have ever seen come out of a dispensary with the most gorgeous trichomes. I was absolutely floored at the magnitude of beauty their strains possessed when I first pulled the bud out of their signature "GG" black canisters. They also carry potent hash, kief, tinctures and edibles. They have the best products for the best prices.

    Another special feature of this dispensary is their grow room where patients can purchase clones or seeds. In this room you are allowed to view the potential purchase of a clone and pick which plant suits your taste. This is a wonderful perk as most dispensaries will ask what strain you want and then randomly select the plant for you. But at GG, you have full control at choosing and also the ability to ask as many questions as you need to better make a purchase.

    The Greenest Green is also very conscious of their environmental footprint. They encourage the recycling of their signature black "GG" canisters by offering 10% off your next purchase. This in itself is a wonderful idea, as much dispensaries use plastic medicine containers and never offer incentives to recycle them.

    And as if that wasn't amazing enough, their staff are even better. They are the warmest, friendliest, and most product educated people that I have met to this date. Quite a bit of trending I have noticed in the dispensary field is that people do not know their product well enough. And when a patient has to school a dispensary bud tender, you know there are problems to be had. I felt completely at ease, learned a lot of things I didn't know and enjoyed every minute of my stay. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone, and will encourage people to at least visit once. I guarantee that one visit will get you hooked and you will want to continue to visit for your medical needs.