• Chef Mark S. Painter, CEC is a chef and instructor in Colorado. Center of the plate, international cuisine, soups/sauces/stocks/consomm├ęs and restaurant management are some of the classes he teaches. He has been in the restaurant industry for 30 years specializing in fine dining. He has the rare ability to be able to cook authentic world cuisine dishes so well one would assume he was born in the country the dish came from. He has also won several local and national culinary competitions and operates a ice sculpture business called The Mark of Excellence.

    In conversation one day he brought up the idea how easy and delicious it would be to make tamales but instead of using lard substituting with cannabutter. Indeed, as I could not agree more as cannabis would lend a wonderful earthy flavor to the tamale dough. The following link contains his recipes for tamales and some wonderful historical information. To make this a medicated dish use 1 cup of Big Bud cannabutter instead of the lard. Serve with some roasted poblano sweet corn and avocado. Enjoy :)