• Medicating in a Pinch

    After having two very informational conversations with two friends on edibles, I decided to apply what we talked about to home specific patients. Sometimes patients find themselves either under time constraints, too sick to cook, to wrapped up in life, on a budget where making edibles becomes almost near impossible, or not liking the extract methods in edibles at dispensaries. Fortunately, there is a simple way around these types of predicaments.

    First, you will either need to make cannabutter or buy it from a reputable dispensary in your area. Or perhaps you can use that cannabutter you have been saving in the freezer for the last few months. Then, you can either go to the store to find a food item of your choice or use what you have in your pantry or kitchen.

    The next step would be to medicate your ready made food item with the cannbutter then consume for your medicinal needs. In my opinion this is considered "cheating" in the medical cannabis edible field when it comes to making edibles and should never be done on a commercial level. But I have found not all patients are able to make edibles and sometimes when someone is battling cancer, cooking is the last thing that they want to do and they may not have family or friends who can cook edibles for them. So what are they to do? Luckily, patients such as the ones who are too sick to cook and have no one to cook for them, can easily have a dispensary drop off cannabutter for them. Which then allows them to easily infuse cannabis into their favorite food item. This simplifies the process of making edibles and thus delivers medicinal benefits more quickly for home specific patients in a pinch.

    The following is a sample recipe of how this process can be done:

    Medicated Chex Mix

    Mise en place:

    1 bag Chex Mix of your choice
    1/4 cup heavy dose cannabutter


    Be sure to read the labels of the Chex Mix you buy and consider using organic versions as many commercial brands use many additives and chemicals. Add the Chex Mix to a bowl and evenly pour the melted cannabutter over the mix. Using a spoon gently fold the Chex Mix until it is evenly distributed then enjoy :)

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