• English Lemon Kush Curd

    English Lemon curd is a delicious British afternoon tea, breakfast, and dessert spread that has been used in kitchens since the late 19th century. This zesty and delicious spread can be used on bread, crumpets, scones, filling for cakes, tarts, certain pies, pastries, or by the spoonful. It has always been one of my favorite fruit curds since I was a little kid. My Mother always loved it so much and naturally I followed suit as my pallet matured from a small child.

    Lemon Kush is the perfect mate for this dish as it lends an intense but sweet lemon and citrus flavor to the curd. One spoonful of this delicious fruit curd either on a breakfast or pastry item, and it will have you making this a mandatory staple in your home.

    Why a lemon curd recipe this week? Well after going to Minturn, Colorado to hunt for old cookbooks at one of their largest yearly sales, I found a lovely book called "EGGS: The Fine Art of Egg, Omelet and Souffle Cooking" published in 1970. This English Curd recipe varied drastically from my own and I wanted to try it with Lemon Kush Hash. This recipe ended up being just as delicious as my own, so much that I wanted to share it with you. Not only do I now have a wonderful book to add to my cookbook collection but also a delicious fruit curd I can share with friends and family. Enjoy :)

    Mise en place:

    2 Lemons
    1/2 cup butter
    1 cup sugar
    1/8 teaspoon salt
    3 eggs beaten
    *4.5 grams of either activated Lemon Kush hash or kief
    **1/4 sugar


    Squeeze the lemon into a measuring cup and grate the rind into a small bowl. Add water into the lemon juice until it measures 1/2 cup. Melt the butter in a double boiler then add the sugar. Stir until combined on medium heat. Break the eggs into a metal bowl, then slowly add 3 tablespoons of the butter/sugar mixture into the eggs while constantly stirring with a whisk. Now turn the mixture on the stove down to medium low and slowly add the egg mixture from the bowl into the double boilder mixture while constantly whisking. Sprinkle in gently grated hash or activated kief . Continue to whisk and monitor the heat so that this mixture does not over cook and the hash/kief incorporates. The curd will be ready when it thickens up and coats the back of a spoon. When it is ready, pour into a glass container or serve in a dish of your choice. This English Kush Curd can be served warm or cold.

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