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    My little snuggle bear Miss Jenny ended up getting into the trash and consumed about a small plants worth of material that was strained out of cannabutter. Cannabis in the right doses (usually very very minute) is therapeutic for dogs as it can help battle cancer, joint damage, anxiety, arthritis, and a multitude of other things. It is only when a dog consumes an absolutely ridiculous amount that the animal could potentially slip into a coma and suffer complications.

    I have read numerous "Reefer Maddness" type articles where certain vet's opinions are trying to scare the public about their dogs or other pets od'ing. Yet, on the other side of the coin, there are numerous vets who are of the following opinion:

    "While deaths are virtually unheard of, other serious long-term health complications involving marijuana use by pets are extremely rare according to San Francisco vet Eric Barchas, who says that marijuana intoxication normally lasts only a few hours with symptoms generally including disorientation, dehydration and anxiety. Intoxication normally occurs only when large amounts of marijuana are consumed – whether by eating raw plants, inhaling smoke or eating foods which contain marijuana. For example, brownies are generally off-limits for dogs since chocolate is known to be harmful to them. If marijuana intoxication does occur, treatment is typically no more complicated than nursing the pet and minimizing anxiety while preventing dehydration according to Barchas."

    I fall on the side of the coin with vet Eric Barchas and will have an upcoming blog that will focus on this topic as well as a recipe for therapeutic edibles for dogs in need. Jenny ate approximately 2 ounces give or take of cannabis, and she is doing quite well! She is off at the office with her papa and is having great time amidst the fact that she is high af. In the upcoming blog, I will talk about her reaction and recovery from the amount she ate paired with research I've done. I will also include interviews with vets here in Summit County to teach you the truth on this matter, with no propaganda included.

    As always, you need to keep all edibles in a safe place. We now know we need more puppy proofing in the kitchen. You live and you learn. Animals can benefit from the effects, but this is something you need to discuss with your vet and/or family. And you need to find the right dose for your animal.

    And on a final note, no animal should ever be forced to eat edibles for your personal entertainment. Stay tuned....

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