• TGKR and Skunk Magazine

    Recipes will be back to their regularly scheduled program starting this coming Sunday. I have been terribly under the weather with the flu this past week/weekend. But to hold you guys over till this Sunday, a little taste of the recipe you will be getting this week as well as a sneak peak into the photo shoot that happened for the upcoming SKUNK Magazine issue that I will be featured in. Enjoy! Stay lifted everybody! ♥

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    1. great article in Skunk cant wait for the book! Do you by chance have a preferred method for making oil? my family is vegan. The only thing I miss is cannabutter!!

    2. Thank you very much :)

      I have various methods for lipids and they all serve their purpose. If you are vegan, you can absolutely infuse vegan butter!

      I cannot talk about dosing/infusing currently though, as it is in the book which is due to come out. But once you pick it up, there are various methods that are going to help you out. Not to mention lots of vegan recipes :)