• Happy Easter everyone! This year, I decided to celebrate with a healthier medically delicious version of chocolate treats that I do not feel guilty about indulging in. These Dark Chocolate Kush Hazelnut Drops are packed with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, protein, folate, poly-phenols, vitamin E, vitamin K, and flavonoids. Not only will these drops make your body happy nutrient wise, but they will also stimulate serotonin and endorphin production in the brain.

    This recipe also allows for the flexibility of cannabis dosage, so you can make these Dark Chocolate Kush Hazlenut Drops either heavily or lightly medicated. Chocolate Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that possesses strong pain relief coupled with heavy cerebral effects which is wonderful for a lazy Sunday. They are the perfect treat during Easter brunch or to munch on throughout the day. Enjoy with a dark roast coffee as the flavors of Chocolate Kush impart a sweet  chocolate flavor with a hint of vanilla.

    Mise en place:

    1 cup dark chocolate hazelnut butter (homemade or store bought)
    1/2 cup ground flax seed
    1/4 cup Chocolate Kush infused raw coconut oil dosage of your choice


    Set out the dark chocolate hazelnut butter and Chocolate Kush infused raw coconut oil until it achieves room temperature. In a medium to large size bowl, add the chocolate hazelnut butter and Chocolate Kush infused coconut butter. With a wooden spoon, stir this mixture until fully combined then place into a fridge covered for 15-20 minutes or until firm.

    Using a scale, tare a new bowl and scoop out the Dark Chocolate Kush Hazlenut mixture into the bowl. Now divide the mixture into equal servings using the scale and spoon. Roll each serving in your hand to form it into a ball then roll in the ground flax seed. Place the Dark Chocolate Kush Hazlenut Drops onto a cookie tray lined with wax paper as you make them then place into the fridge. Store in the fridge until you are ready to serve or you can store them in the freezer for long term storage. Enjoy!