• Cleanliness is next to godliness in a professional or home kitchen. All great Chefs and cooks alike know the importance of keeping a clean and organized kitchen to produce the best dishes possible. Cooking or baking will result in a messy appliances, tools and counter tops but once a mess is made it should always be cleaned up. This reverence for the kitchen is not only for quality control and prevention of cross contamination but for the fact that the kitchen is the Chef's personal temple.

    Every Chef or cook (and yes there is a difference), should be constantly going through all produce and stock in the kitchen. This will ensure that everything is used up and nothing will go to waste through expiration. You must always think of all your food items as dollar bills even if they are spices. Wasted food is wasted money, plain and simple. It is always fun to try and come up with creative recipes using items that need to be used right away.

    While cleaning out my personal kitchen, I found a package of sugar cookie mix. Now normally, I highly dislike pre-made "Betty Crocker" type mixes as it takes the pleasure of baking away from me. And most pre-made mixes contain artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, soy and some very strange preservatives. This on the other hand, was an organic mix my boyfriend's mother picked up and never used. She then left it with me to use so that it would not be wasted before she moved out of Colorado (which was super sweet of her).

    This sugar cookie mix sparked a little thought in my brain as I was cleaning and organizing my bulk cooking and baking pantry. I realized not everyone is as adventurous, comfortable or even possesses the time to bake when compared to professional culinarians. Fear not, as there are actually some quality pre-mixed baking items for people who want that convenience.

    The following recipe is a quick process that will produce very quick medicated cookies in under 20 minutes. Who doesn't want that? Plus this strain specific cooking will produce such a flavor that no one would even guess that it was pre-mixed for you. Hong Kong is an Indica Dominant Hybrid that lends a hashy flavor that compliments the Lavender and lemon zest that creates an incredibly complex flavor. So much so, that you will be smacking and licking your lips in delight. Enjoy as a little late afternoon treat or as the perfect small dessert after a delicious meal. Lavender Hong Kong Lemon Sugar Cookies are great with milk, chai, Earl Grey tea or English Breakfast tea. Enjoy with love from my kitchen to yours!

    Mise en place:

    1 package organic sugar cookie mix (preferably one that uses 8 tablespoons of butter)
    Hong Kong cannabutter (use 8 grams of Hong Kong or Kief from Hong Kong)
    1-2 tablespoons crushed lavender (depending on your taste preference)
    1 tablespoon almond extract
    1 tablespoon lemon zest (you can add more if desired for a heavier lemon taste)
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    Sugar crystals to decorate


    Follow package instructions but add the above ingredients. Then divide the dough into 16 cookies for a light dose (1/2 gram or 500 mg) or 8 cookies for a bigger dose (1 gram or 1000mg). Sprinkle sugar onto the top of the cookies before baking then following package instructions for baking. Pull from the oven, cool then enjoy!