• Keif Infused Sea Salt

    Sea salt adds a wonderful flavor and texture to food over traditional table salt that is on most American tables. There are different types and colors of sea salt, and their flavors and colors are based on the trace minerals found within the salts. Unfortunately, there are no health differences between the two salts even though sea salt is marketed as a healthier alternative. They are both processed the same in your body with the same health effects.

    I decided to add decarboxylated kief as a simple way to get more cannabis into your diet. This tasty seasoning is not meant to medicate you heavily but rather used to add just a little touch more. You can experiment with different sea salts and kief pairings to find the perfect flavor balances. Quite the fun game! This simple recipe is sure to impress anyone when they come into your home or you can give it out as a gift! Enjoy!

    Mise en place:

    4 ounces coarse or fine sea salt
    4-8 grams strain specific decarboxylated kief of your choice


    Follow the instructions on how to decarboxylate kief in my book which can be found here. As your timer on your stove is counting down, when it hits the 15 minute mark, remove the tray and pause/stop the timer. Scoop up the kief and lay out all the salt onto the tray. Using the back of the spoon, work the kief into the salt by pressing and pulling the spoon across the salt. Keep doing this until the kief becomes distributed throughout the salt. You can also use the edge of the spoon to cut the kief into the salt in addition to the back of the spoon. Place the tray back into the oven and start the timer for the remainder of time required by the recipe in my book. When the timer is up, pull from the oven and let the salt cool completely. It is now ready to be stored in an air tight glass container and to be used in any culinary application. Be sure to store your Kief Infused Sea Salt in a cool dark place. Enjoy!

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