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    The Ganja Kitchen Revolution published by Green Candy Press hit #20 today on Amazon's Best Sellers list. I am stunned. Thank you, each and every one of you for supporting this project. I have dedicated my life to this cause and liberating this beautiful plant through my actions and words. Cannabis saved me, and this book is my gift to the world so that it may help you too. I have put my neck on the line, my name, my life, and my freedom to fight for this plant because I believe in it so much. I meet adversity and contempt every day with people who do not believe in it. Yet, after a conversation and a look at my book, people who initially looked down upon cannabis actually look at me and say "Wow, maybe it isn't such a bad thing. I had no idea marijuana could help like that."

    This is book is a tool for change. People in our movement are crusaders for change. Art that is created in our community that inspires and touches others is a tool for change. Keep creating and keep inspiring. One day we will shall inherit victory for this amazing plant. ‪#‎MakeCannabisNotWar‬

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    1. I need some advice. My wife's aunt is a cancer survivor and I believe medical marijuana could help relieve a lot of her symptoms.
      1. lung and breathing problems
      2. peripheral neuropathy
      3. lack of appetite
      4. dry eyes

      Unfortunately, we live in a state that does not allow that so I don't have the benefit of a dispensary to help me choose.
      Do you have advice on what strands might help alleviate her pain? Should I focus more on Indica vs Sativa? I'm going to have bake them because of her breathing problems.

    2. Indica's would be great for night, Sativa's during the day, and hybrids when you want both.

      Each strain has it's own genetic makeup when it comes to cannabinoids, so you will find through experimentation that one strain may be better than another for a specific medical condition. It is all about trial and error to see what works for her.

      Strains I would recommend from all spectrum's to start experimenting with:

      *Black Domina
      *Grape Ape
      *Durban Poison
      *Strawberry Cough

      Edibles will help to dilate the airways which will help her to breathe and sustain a more narcotic high for longer pain relief.

      I would also recommend making a heavy topical for any leg or muscle cramping associated with peripheral neuropathy.

      If you can't get any of those strains, I can send you others that I think would help as well.

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    4. Spot on with this article, I really think this website needs more attention. I'll probably be back to read more, thanks for the info.